Nicole Krauter, Kornwestheim

In May 2017, I opted for an analysis with the Metavital Horse system, after a friend told me enthusiastically about it. Bill my gelding was at that time deemed to have reached the end of its options with conventional therapy. Weekly colics were rampant and really got me down. In the analysis, i.a. revealed a number of bacterial loads in the stomach, heart and lungs that were treated. We’ve been doing regular checks since then and Bill is doing better than ever.

Melanie Häußler, Gärtringen

In the spring of 2018 I heard about the Metavital Horse for the first time and tried it spontaneously. My gelding Tide has been suffering from recurrent eye inflammation for years and then gets anti-inflammatory drugs for days on end. The analysis revealed stresses due to herpes virus. Already with the first treatment one could see how the eye became clearer. He is now treated at regular intervals to prevent any inflammation. I’m really excited how well it works.

Eva Böck

We have been using the Professional OBERON system for two years. We are very excited about the possibilities offered by the device.

Thanks to the excellent training, we were able to significantly improve our health and that of our clients.


Ingrid Hellmann

I have never had such a great job as now with OBERON.
Our OBERON unit is the best (MNLS) system with which I have become familiar.

Artur Bareither

The OBERON system diagnosed me with colon cancer.

Without OBERON, I might not be alive today.

Herrmann Gisin

It is a completely new feeling to work with equipment that can provide feedback and help when this suddenly becomes necessary. Thank you very much for your generous support. I have recommended you today to Dr. med. …

Marion van der Veer

The potentials of OBERON are fascinating.

I have been using the system for four weeks day and night.

Thanks for the welcome and the help.

I hope there will soon be more Dutch therapists to use OBERON.

Manfred Hartmann

I am almost overwhelmed by the opportunities offered by the OBERON system and I am very grateful and happy to work with it.
May it always be used only for the welfare of all beings.

Alexandra Bausch, Meimsheim

My white horse has suffered from constant hoof ulcers. In the summer of 2017, I learned that it is possible to find out what might be the cause by means of a scan with Metavital Horse. I immediately arranged an appointment and was fascinated by what you can see in the scan. With him was u.a. the pancreas was not very well and was then treated as well. And what can I say, we have not had any problems since then. I now have my 3 horses checked regularly.

Alexandra Bausch, Meimsheim

Mein Schimmel hat unter ständigen Hufgeschwüren gelitten. Ich habe im Sommer 2017 von der Möglichkeit erfahren, dass man mittels eines Scans mit dem Metavital Horse herausfinden kann, woran es liegen könnte. Ich habe sofort einen Termin vereinbart und war fasziniert davon, was man bei dem Scan alles sehen kann. Bei ihm war u.a. die Bauchspeicheldrüse nicht sehr gut und wurde dann auch behandelt. Und was soll ich sagen, wir hatten seitdem keine Probleme mehr. Ich lasse jetzt meine 3 Pferde regelmäßig kontrollieren.

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